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Socialization Process, Features , Types


u Socialization Process,  Features , Types                      

u  Socialization: It is the process of learning to interact with others or behave in a way that is acceptable to society. It is How we learn the rules, Norms and values of our culture.

u  Thus Socialization is the process Through which we learn Norms,customs,values of our culture. ( from Birth to Death)

u  Features Of socialization:

u  1. It is continuous Process Birth to death

u  2) Socialization is learning process

3) it is both formal and informal Process of learning (Ex. Institution or family


u  Important components of socialization

u  The components of socialization are culture,communication,Role performance, role expectations

u  Types of socialization

Primary Socialization: Occurs in early childhood when a child learn norms values from family called as primary socialization,it is first important stage of socialization,During this stage,children learn basic values,norms,behavior ,social skills from their family, and care giver

u  Secondary Socialization: It means when a child learn new things later in life In school ,workplace,or in Religious institutions usually associated with learning in formal setting called as secondary socialization.

Anticipatory Socialization: is when you start learning about and preparing for a role you want to have in the future. For instance if you want to be a doctor you might start learning about medicine even before going to Medical college, or if you want to be teacher you might start learning about Child behaviour and education etc.

u  Resocialization: Resocialization Means when individuals or children new norms and values or new things that are entirely different from those that they previously learnt. Called as Resocialization. Ex. Prisons when persons commits crime he should be sent in jail where he learnt new things similarly any child involved in drug addiction he has to sent to drug rehabilitation centre for care and support there he learnt new things

u  Formal Socialization: Occurs through Institutions such as school or religious institutions formal socialization is often intentional systematic with special goals

Informal Socialization: it is a process through children learn interactions with family,friends ,peers and media etc.

u  Organisational; This refers to process through which individual learn the norms,values beliefs and practices of particular organisation , New employees learn about new work and environment.

u  Cultural socialization; a process through which individual learn the norms, values beliefs and practices of their culture, it is an important for maintaining culture continuity

 Adult socialization: when an individual performs his/her role as adult in the society such as father,mother, senior citizen etc

Developmental socialization: when an individual acquire any skill.


Agents of Socialization

u  Active agency: Family institution,school,peer group,caste and class,

Passive agency: Mass media, TV, Radio, Internet, Books , Liberary,

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