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J&K Ut History Sobriquets for jkssb Exams


Venice of East = Srinagar

Jammu Hills = Shiwalik

Medadow of flower= Gulmarg

Gateway of j&k = Kathwa

Switzerland of Asia= kashmir

Meadow of Gold=  Sonmarg

Nucleus of Kashmir=        Srinagar

Home of Ambri Apple =  Shopian

Lake of Par Excellence  =   Dal lake

Chotta Kashmir        =  Bhaderwah

Supreme Gem of All kashmir Lakes = Manasbal lake

Paradise on Earth      =  Kashmir

Anand of Kashmir= Pulwama

Land of Sapphire and saffron = kishtwar

Village of shephards =        Phalgam

Land of Springs =  Anantnag

City of Temples = Jammu

Chotta london = sopore

Rice bowl of kashmir= kulgam


Important Books related to kashmir History

Nilmat Purana   =   Unknown

Rajatarangini =    Kalhana

Land of lamas = Alexander Cunningham

Valley of kashmir = sir walter lawarance

tarikh I kashmir ( History of kashmir) = Haider Malik

Tarikh -i- kashmir = Narayan kaul a kashmir Brahman


History of J&k Ancient to Modern Period

Kashmir: From earlier times the valley has been divided into two great parts known by their Modern Names , Kama-Raj and Mara-raj.

  • According to sir Aurel stein says that these terms are derived from the Sanskrit kramarajya and Madavarajya
  • Maraz comprises the districts on both sides of Jhelum above Srinagar and Kamraz those below.
  • Kashmir Old Name Satisaras was replaced by Ka- Samira That may taken to mean ( land) from which water (Ka) has been drained off by wind ( Samira )
  • The other interpretation are : Kashmir is a Prakrit compound Ka’ Means “ Channel” Mir means “ Mountain”
  • The other theory stated that : Kashir as named by its inhabitants was so called on account of the settlement of an race of men called as Kash, Who were semitic Tribe and founded what are now called as the cities of kash.
  • The Aborigines as the First settlers in kashmir. The wide prevalence of Naga worship before and even after buddhist period,
  • They were spread whole of india before Aryans. There is not sufficent record about these civilizations when they entered in kashmir.

Then came Aryans in india through their  invasions The Aborigines Mix with Aryans formed One people, later they became large enough to put their own racial stamp on the people that time kashmir was once a Zoroastrian country. There after  Some writes mention that the Jews people are also to be traced in kashmir during earlier times,

  • According to Al Biruni statement stated there is no authentic recorded evidence available to establish the existence of any large Jewish group.

Shah-Hamadan the Great Muslim saint visited in kashmir in 14th century He also Named the Valley “ Bagh-i- Sulaiman or the Garden of Sulaiman

  • According to Researches of sir George Grierson He stated that kashmiri language belongs to Dardic, and not to sanskrit group.

Kings of Kashmir During the Pre Muslim Period.

  • Gonada
  • Damodara
  • Yasovati
  • Gonada 2
  • Thirty five kings lost
  • Lava
  • Kuca
  • Godhara
  • Suvarna
  • Janaka
  • Ashoka
  • Jaluka
  • Damodara 2

Note Detailed Presentation of these kings to be updated Here Shortly…..Stay Connected

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