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Chemical Analysis of Food, Food analysis

Chemical analysis of food

  • Chemical Analysis of food : It involves Process or a work to determine the composition of food substances such as protein,carbohydrates,fat.Minerals ,vitamin and water content.
  • Chemical Analysis of food : Means identifying Ingredients what figure out what ingredients are present in Food , test tiny bits of food to check what chemicals are there. Checking quality of food that we eat.
  • Besides Through Chemical Analysis; We see the food that we eat or purchase food is safe, besides checking in food like bacteria and other Harmful substances.

Measuring Nutrients: such as vitamin, mineral, fat , protein etc whether food is healthy or not .

          Methods Of Chemical Analysis of Food

  • There are various methods for analysis of food Here are some important
  • Proximate Analysis: This method is used for to check the basic Stuff in food like,Moisture, fat, protein , fiber ,carbohydrates etc. In this method we determine the basic composition of food.
  • Mineral Analysis: This method measures the minerals like calcium,iron,and zinc in food, in this method techniques are being used like atomic absorption spectroscopy to determine mineral content.

Vitamin Analysis: for vitamin analysis methods like Spectrophotometry or chromatography are used to measure vitamin content.

  • MS Mass spectrometry: This methods helps to find and Measure compounds in food and through this method we check food quality and safety.
  • ELISA : Enzyme linked inomunosorbent Assay is a power technique used in food analysis quantify specific proteins , besides this technique is used for various purposes,Allergen Detection, Contaminant detection, Nutritional detection besides Pathogen Detection ( like bacteria and viruses in food)
  • Microbiological analysis: Determines the presence and Quantity of microorganisms in food.

Sensory Analysis: Evaluate sensory properties of food such as taste, texture, aroma,

  • Gas chromatography: Used is food analysis for various purposes including detecting contaminants, like pesticide,Mycotoxins) besides this method is using for to determine fatty acid composition identifying compounds responsible for aroma and flavor.
  • HPLC High Performance liquid chromatorgraphy: this methods looks at other small compounds like vitamins, amino acids, and sugar in food

Polymerase chain reaction ( PCR) this method finds specific DNA in food

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